Lumbar Pain Treatment

Lower back pain or lumbar pain as it’s correctly termed, is possibly the most common musculoskeletal disorder which affects over 80% of people during their lives. That means that almost all of us will experience this to some degree.

There are five different vertebrae in the lumbar region of the lower back. They are the largest and strongest of all vertebrae that form the spinal column.

A sudden, irregular or continual pain may be felt in the lumbar region of your back after any of the following:

Lumbar Pain
  • The lifting of a heavy object

  • Turning or twisting awkwardly

  • Falling on your hip or buttocks

  • Slipping and landing on your Coccyx

Treating Lumbar Pain and Lower Back Pain

We don’t all experience lumbar pain at the same level. It can be acute (short lasting) and excruciating, or chronic (long lasting) with a lower level of pain, but non the less uncomfortable. Whatever the trigger or the level of pain, it will eventually wear you down and so needs to be treated in a timely manner.

I have been treating lower back pain (lumbar pain) using my unique treatment programme for many years and have achieved what my patients say are amazing results – see their testimonials.

Getting Treatment for Lumbar Pain & Lower Back Pain

I provide treatment for Lumbar Pain & Lower Back Pain at my practice in Northwood Hills, London, with easy access via road (easy parking just outside), public transport or the Northwood Hills Tube Station on the Metropolitan line. My treatment room is on the ground floor, and so there are no stairs involved in accessing the facility.

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