Case Studies

Anthony – Lumbar Pain

Anthony is a 27 year old Managing Director living in London. When I first met Anthony he was in a considerable amount of lumbar pain, with numbness to his buttocks, side of foot, cramp intermittently in his right calf, pins and needles in his toes.

Several years prior to our meeting, Anthony had a RTA (road traffic accident) where he fractured three vertebrae in his back, T8, T9, T10 and a herniated L3 disc resulting in paralysis from the waist down, he was bedridden for eight weeks.

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Emma – Non Specific Back Pain

Emma, is a 22 year old care worker living in Gerrards Cross. When I first met Emma she was experiencing a lot of pain from her back and neck. Her diagnosis was NSBP (non specific back pain).

First treatment: Three 15 minute phases of Electro-Stimulation at a Frequency of 80-130Hz, for acute pain. Placement of the electro pads were mid back, neck and mid shoulder ensuring the current passed through the affected area/tissues. Completing the treatment with 15 minutes of Shiatsu spinal massage and vertebrae alignment techniques.

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Susan – Herniated Disc

Susan is married with two children and lives in London. At the time I went to see Susan she had been diagnosed with a herniated disc to her L3 vertebrae and spinal bulges to her L4 & L5 discs.

The severity of the injury was causing Susan to lose control of her bladder and bowel movements also numbness and paralysis from the waist down. After a consultation Susan agreed to have treatment.

The initial treatment consisted of, six 15 minute phases of Interferential Electro Stimulation Therapy, at a frequency of 80-130Hz for acute pain alternating with a frequency of 2-5Hz for chronic pain. Electro pads were placed on the lower lumbar region. Completing treatment with 15-20 minutes of Shiatsu Spinal Massage and Vertebrae Alignment techniques.

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