Excruciating Pain From Prolapsed Disc

Jeff was clearly in a lot of pain we he struggled in to my practice. Walking with the aid of crutches and an acute stoop, it was all he could do to manoeuvre himself on the the treatment couch.

His transformation after just 2 treatments is amazing as you can see from the video. Whilst he still needed further treatments to complete his recovery, he had already regained mobility and a quality of life that had become a distant memory.

Multiple Car Accidents & Pain Free In Two Treatments

Some things just seem too incredible to be true, and here is a perfect example.

This chap understandably had a considerable amount of pain we he came to see me. He had been involved in a series of car accidents, all above 50mph. The impact of these accidents has a devastating effect on the body leading to prolonged pain.

He responded incredibly well to my treatments and after just 2 sessions, had full movement restored and was pain free.

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NHS Wastes Over £180million On Needless Back Pain Procedures

The true extent of how much money is wasted by the NHS on surgical interventions that routinely fail to cure back pain has been revealed in an article in The Times (April 9th 2018) by Chris Smyth.

I regularly hear scary stories from my own patients, that tell me about treatments they’ve been offered by their GPs or via a GP referral. I also regularly see patients that have had surgical procedures to ‘help’ with their pain and have to give them the sad news that whilst I can often improve things for them, I’m unable to achieve the same results I could have if they’d avoided the surgery.

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GP’s are failing back pain sufferers every day

In a recent article published by The Times, the extent of how GP’s are failing to deal with back pain appropriately has been revealed.

It states that “Millions of patients with back pain are being given pointless drugs, surgery and injections, with a third prescribed dangerous opioids, experts say.

It really is staggering to learn that Doctors are preferring to offer these useless and often harmful interventions rather than educate patients about other options and inform them about the importance of the correct types of activity and back management.

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From Prolapsed Disc and Sciatica to Pain Free

Paul was diagnosed with a prolapsed disc some 5 years ago. For the past 8 weeks, he has been reduced to walking with a crutch or hobbling around the furniture.

Paul received about 8 treatments in total, but the results speak for themselves and it’s always great when a patient tells you they are pain free again.

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