Long term Tinnitus and Sciatica problems – Kirk’s Story

Kirk has suffered with Tinnitus, Sciatica, Severe Back Pain, also in his neck and jaw.
All these issues are referrals from subluxations in the vertebrae. In the video above, we see Kirk about to undergo his second treatment and telling us how well his body responded to the first treatment and the differences he has noticed already.

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Torn Shoulder Ligaments – Jacks Story

Jack is a 6’6″ 21 year old who likes to work out. During a session in the gym, a shoulder press exercise went a bit wrong leaving Jack with torn ligaments and muscle tissue in his shoulder.

This injury left Jack with pain in his shoulder blade, radiating out to his upper spine. Keen to get back into the gym, I treated Jack using my Unique Treatment Program. After just a single session, Jack’s pain was greatly reduced and he regained much of his mobility.

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Curved Spine – Jake’s Story

Meet Jake. He is an amazing character with a very dedicated mum, Angela. Jake had suffered from a very crooked spine for the last 2 years and as you watch this video, you will see just how pleased Jake’s mum was the improvement after just one treatment.

Jake also has carers that come and attend to him and whilst Jake’s mum had said nothing to them about his treatment to help his curved spine, they noticed the improvement immediately.

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Severe Back Pain – Lawson’s Story

Severe Back Pain is not pleasant at all of us are likely to experience it at some point in our lives. For the luck few, a bit of rest and it feels as though it has passed, though the underlying problems will still be lurking.
For the rest of us, treatment by a specialist practitioner like myself is the only way forward.

In this video I’m visiting Lawson for a treatment at his home. Lawson had tried a cocktail of medication provided by conventional medicine. The best way forward when you are experiencing Back Pain is to have treatments from a professional back pain specialist like myself who enables the body to heal itself. Natural healing truly is the best way out of back pain.

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Plantar Fasciitis – Mason’s Story

Plantar Faciitis is not uncommon and can affect people of all ages and levels of fitness. It is usually experienced as pain in the base of the foot and heel. Whether the condition builds slowly or is a sudden change in your usual level of agility, dealing with Plantar Fasciitis as swiftly as possible is important.

In this video, we see Mason. He’s an 11 year old lad who originally suffered from Plantar Fasciitis after a Snowboarding accident. I treated him successfully back then and everything was fine until, as with many young lads, he had another accident. This time it was a cycling accident that brought on the condition.

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Gilmore’s Groin Syndrome – Chris’s Story

Gilmore’s Groin, often referred to as a Sportsman’s Hernia – is particularly painful and often suffered by those playing sports where strain is focused in the Pelvic and Groin regions. The condition gets its name from the Surgeon who first recognised and treated the condition – Jerry Gilmore.

On this video we see Chris, one of my patients who generously agreed to participate in my video.  He has been suffering with groin pains for 5 years. Doctors thought it may be Gilmore’s Groin Syndrome. He has had many hospital visits, seen Physio Therapists and Osteopaths etc… but still continued to suffer groin pain.

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Scheuermann’s Disease (Kyphosis) and its affect on the spine

Kyphosis, or more specifically Scheuermann’s Kyphosis does not only lead to some degree of physical abnormality, but also brings with it varying levels of pain and discomfort.

Also referred to as Juvenile Kyphosis, which adds to the confusion over diagnosis for both patients and their parents, Scheuermann’s Disease begins during a child’s growth spurt, usually before puberty. It triggers parts of the vertebrae in the spine to grow at differing rates. This variation in growth across a vertebrae causes them to become more wedge shaped, which when applied to several vertebrae in sequence, causes a distinct lean or curvature of that section of the spine.

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Celebrity Surgery Disasters – Money can’t buy your health

On January 30th 2016, the Daily Mail ran an article about the healing of the rift between Phil Collins and his ex-wife Orianne Cevey. In 2008, their divorce cost a record £25 million, but with time, their relationship has healed and they have now been back together for the last 6 months. Unfortunately, the pair have both suffered with back problems in recent years. Rather than seeking non invasive treatment, they both accepted advice of their medical professionals to go under the knife and have paid a heavier price than their divorce for this decision. The picture below shown in the Daily Mail, says it all.

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