Physio and Osteo couldn’t help my Sciatica, but Michael took my pain away

I recently suffered from back pain going down my right leg. Went to see my Doctor, and he diagnosed my pain related to Sciatica with a slip disk. My Doctor suggested that I take pain killers and he also referred me to physiotherapist.

Having been through Physio and Osteo, there wasn’t any significant improvement to my condition and the persistent pain remained. I then turned to Google search engine and there I found Michael Moxon, after going through the website and testimonials I decided to contact Michael and this turned out to be the turning point in my treatment.

Michael is thoroughly friendly and professional in his approach. His method is not just conventional but has a holistic touch as is Michael has got a healing hand. Michael went back to basics and started the treatment with aligning my spine and in about 3 sessions I could feel the difference and in 7 sessions the pain had completely disappeared.

I would not hesitate to recommend Michael to anyone with posture or back related problems.

Thank you Michael!!!!