Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis

Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis are all some form of curvature of the spine, where certain vertebrae have fused together and caused the spine to grow with a curve.

I look after several patients that are suffering with this condition. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to straighten the spine where the vertebrae are fused in this manner. However, I can align the rest of the spine, giving my patients a better quality of life and allowing them to be pain free.

Treating Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis

Using my unique treatment programme, I can improve the quality of life and vastly improve the comfort of my patients suffering from Scoliosis and similar conditions that affect the curvature of the spine.


By combining Interferential Electro Stimulation Therapy, Shiatsu Massage and Spinal Alignment, I am able to relieve pain and provide more comfortable mobility. Read some of my patient’s testimonials.

Getting Treatment for Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis

I provide treatment for Scoliosis, Lordosis and Kyphosis at my practice in Northwood Hills, London, with easy access via road (easy parking just outside), public transport or the Northwood Hills Tube Station on the Metropolitan line. My treatment room is on the ground floor, and so there are no stairs involved in accessing the facility.

Want to be Pain Free ?

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