Shiatsu Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not only of great benefit to patients, but is also a vital diagnostic tool for hands on healers like myself. It allows me to pick up on problems and detect sub-luxations, trapped or pinched nerves, inflammation and muscle spasms that lie undetected by MRI Scanners and X-ray machines.

For the patient, Massage Therapy helps you to relax. Your breathing and heart rate can slowly begin to settle at a calm rate. Your blood pressure reduces, hormones decrease and your muscles can relax.

The physical manipulation in massage has two major physical effects

  • Increase blood and lymph circulation

  • Relaxation and normalisation of the soft tissue (muscle, connective tissue, tendons and ligaments), which releases the nerves and deeper connective tissues. The overall effect of this is improved blood and lymph circulation, which delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the muscle cells and aids the healing process.

Massage Therapy for Back Pain

Without a doubt, massage therapy is one of the most effective treatments for Back Pain. Whether you have been a long term sufferer or the pain you are currently experiencing in your back is fairly new, massage therapy will return great results.

It’s not unusual for patients to be apprehensive when it comes to manipulation, as they are concerned they may be subjected to more discomfort. Massage therapy is both soothing and calming, making it ideal for all conditions.

As further developments into modern treatments continue, Doctors and other medical professionals are embracing a more holistic approach to treating pain.

Receiving Shiatsu Massage Therapy

As a mobile back practitioner, I provide Shiatsu Massage Therapy in the comfort of your own home. I work in Barnet, Friern Barnet, and the surrounding areas. I can travel further afield when required, though additional travel time costs will apply.

Want to be Pain Free ?

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