Patient Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from my past and present patients. I love to hear the difference I've been able to make in the lives of people that have suffered for years and been led to believe there was nothing they could do.
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More than impressed with the results

Less than a week into wanding and I am more than impressed with the results. We started with wanded water.  The water tasted noticeably 'fatter' and tastier.  After a few minutes I felt a bit light-headed.  This passed. I've started small.  Drinking water through the day, a minute or so on drainage pathways and then some ad hoc bits elsewhere (use to dry hair, 5 minutes on spine). I have noticed: • Reduced inflammation (puffiness, water retention and redness) • 'weight loss' which I am attributing to water retention/inflammation. • Improved eyesight (clearer picture/ more vibrant colours) • Reduced bloat/inflammation in abdomen • Smoother joints (no clicking) • Improved range of motion without additional exercise or stretching • Softer and tighter skin • Improved circulation (no cold spots on skin) • More alert in the morning My partner who has the fissure was keen to do a target on his problem areas.  We did a full 20 minutes on him on day 1.  I think in retrospect this might have been a bit strong as he has had some slight sleep disturbance and morning grogginess.  However he will be on water only for the next few days as he is away from home. • I have noticed he has reduced redness all over. • He has noticed some possible detox symptoms (BO when usually he does not smell) • Improved circulation (hands and feet are actually warm for a change). Overall, very impressed.  Definitely not placebo as I could not have dreamt of such fast and varied response. Also, my partner is very on board with the device but he would be a bit more skeptical than me.  After the very first sip of wanded water he remarked that before the drink my breath smelled a little...and after, nothing! Side effects: I noticed last night that my spleen seems to be a bit enlarged.  I have noticed this in the recent past when I have a cold.  I am putting it down to increased cell detox.  I will keep the wanding to a minimum for a few days. Also, we have done one session each on the spine, c10mins.  The next day we both noticed some muscle soreness.  Again, likely detox response but very interesting as it didn't seem like an 'intense' session at the time.

Kate Brady

Words cannot explain my gratitude

Hi, my name is Debbie, I am not one for testimonials but today I have felt compelled to do one and I seriously believe if someone can change your path of pain the experience should be shared. I am 55 years of age and very healthy with no medication. Recently I have been on a wonderful two-and-a-half-week trip to Barbados. On the Friday 12th, we decided to do a boat trip. Unfortunately for me, I took a very bad fall on the boat. Can I describe the pain no I can not find the words? My friends visited a pharmacist to get medication in order for me to be able to get on the flight home the next day. I arrived home but was so spaced out in pain I was losing the ability to think. I decided to visit my GP and a cocktail of medication was prescribed. After two days of taking these and no change in my condition, thoughts of “I can't live with this anymore began to invade my thinking“. Again I visited the GP and was sent for an X-ray, but nothing was broken. Well, I kind of knew that this was not that kind of pain. I was paralysed with pain, unable to think or gather my thoughts and crying all the time. Bingo, I then remembered a taster session that I had with Michael Moxon and a pain I had at the time was completely removed. I called my mum to see if she still had the card, and she did. Saturday 19th November, unable to manage my tears, unable to move without screaming in pain I called Michael. It was a long shot as it was such short notice. The minute he answered the phone, he heard the pain in my voice and asked me to come immediately. He took one look at my face and knew immediately not only how much pain I was in but how living with it was making me feel like I just didn’t want to be here anymore. With extreme difficulty and the patience of Gill, I managed to get on the bed, Gill used a hot blow thing over my back for a period of time and this was very comforting. Michael then re-entered the room. He needed me to go into various positions which of course for me was extremely difficult to move into but he was patient and kind and very reassuring. What followed was a series of clicks, changing positions, and more clicks. When the treatment was over, he requested I walk up and down, my brain was still in pain mode and I expected to be crying out, but no. I was able to walk up and down. I did it again, up and down and was fine. Whilst typing this I have tears in my eyes as I cannot believe how this miracle of a man fixed my back. Today is Sunday and I have had the best night's sleep and am feeling like I am back on planet earth. Please, if anyone is experiencing back difficulties, please visit this couple I can honestly say this has transformed me and I am once again smiling. Thankfully, the prescription pills are all in the bin, having to take them was also making me depressed. Thank you, Michael and Gill, words cannot explain my gratitude to you both and for fitting me in the way you did. It just goes to show some practitioners are about the money others are about helping people. Am so grateful for your time and the assistance you gave me and I urge anyone with any type of pain please contact them.


So happy that our paths crossed

I promised you a progress report on using the blower and I am extremely pleased with the improvements it has made to me. You will remember the awful condition of my lower legs and feet with scaly/scabby skin and all kinds of dark blood vessels/spots evident, well within a few days improvements were noticeable and now after 2 weeks the skin is smooth and silky with a big reduction of the blood bruising. The itchiness has also gone which I no longer need to treat with hot showers or medication. I also have varicose veins in my legs which were quite pronounced but are now much reduced and am hopeful of complete dissipation soon. I have pins and needles in my right hand/wrist and this also has been reduced in both frequency and duration. I am so happy that our paths crossed and wish the best to you and Jill.

Roger Solomon

A massive difference to our lifestyle

Hello Michael, We safely received the iTeraCare Classic on Saturday 23rd July 2022, and would firstly like to thank you very much for your help, guidance and advice. Both my wife (Katy) and myself started using the device on Sunday Evening 24th July. I have had numerous health problems for the last 28 years that have been at times, very debilitating. My consultant advised me over 2 decades ago, that I had "failed back surgery syndrome" FBSS, and he held out very little hope that things would ever improve, in fact, he said I "will end up in a wheel chair" as a result of it. So, back to Sunday evening, I lay down, Katy used the device for 15 minutes on my back and spine. It is a very pleasant experience feeling almost like invisible healing hands are doing their work on you. Afterwards ( within 10 minutes ) I was feeling much more alert, focused and clear minded, my Lower back which is normally constantly hurting/aching very painfully was surprisingly, feeling much better. I came down stairs had a drink of treated/charged distilled water and whilst relaxing I began to realise that the bloated/sickly feeling I have had for the last 12 months was gone ! WOW, gone. Doctors said I had lots of ulcers due to medications etc over the last 20/30 years.  On day 2 (Monday 25th July)  I had exactly the same treatment, 15 minutes on my back and spine. Again, I am feeling much better for it. Day 3 (Tue) same again, 15 minutes same area. Even though we have treated my back and nothing else, I began to realise that the pains I feel in my Rib cage 24 hours a day, it feels like I have been kicked in my ribs, a supposed referred pain from my back. That too has now gone. For the first time in over 10 years, I have been managing to get at least 6 hours sleep, sometimes more, a night. Normally I only manage 3 hours max before my back or my ribs or my neck start causing sufficient pain to wake me up. I cannot thank you enough for recommending the iTeraCare Classic to us. It, and you have made a massive difference to our lifestyle and I am 100% sure it will continue to do so for a long time.

Kevin Sarsfield

Micheal’s treatments are nothing short of Miraculous

The GP’s prescription of an increased dose of painkillers did nothing for my excruciating sciatica. Michael’s treatment however has been nothing short of miraculous and the dreadful pain has disappeared. Michael is always most considerate and courteous. I am so grateful for his understanding and expertise.

Ruth Gutman

I was carried in but walked out on my own.

Michael was recommended to me and so I called him one evening. Thirty-five minutes later I put the phone down and had booked an appointment. Thirty-five minutes of unpaid attention Michael gave me, listening to my back history, giving me the time to explain my predicament and empathising with my situation. I had been suffering from debilitating shooting pains across my lower back. Two MRI scans, one appointment with a private orthopaedic consultant, two osteopaths seen over 18 months and countless NHS physiotherapy sessions, all to no avail and I was back to square one. No diagnosis and no improvement in my condition. On my first visit to Michael, I was carried in by my wife and son to Michael’s office. He diagnosed my problem and went to work on my back 45 minutes later I WALKED OUT OF HIS TREATMENT ROOM ON MY OWN. Michael said he would fix me in 3 to 6 sessions To his word it took FOUR. He had three different treatments in each session, gave me advice on back management for the future and an exercise programme to follow. Most importantly he gave me the confidence that my back was healing. I feel a difference in my back. My posture has changed. My outlook is brighter. I cannot thank Michael enough for what he has done for me physically, mentally and emotionally. I thought there was nobody out there who could help me Thank God I found Michael. I would encourage anybody with back pain to call Michael. Michael once again THANK YOU.

Andrew Cicco