Patient Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from my past and present patients. I love to hear the difference I've been able to make in the lives of people that have suffered for years and been led to believe there was nothing they could do.
If this sounds like you, call me on 07951 146778.

Amazing Results

I had a herniated disc in my spine after a gym incident in 2018 and had several visits to a&e only to be told by doctors that my injury was purely muscular and to go home and rest. After the pain got a lot worse I knew it had to be a spinal injury so I found Mick online and called him and got an appointment straight away. When I arrived I could barely walk and was in extreme agony but by the end of the appointment I was walking normally and after two sessions and some movement advice from Mick I was completely back to normal and pain free. Two years on and I’m still 100% pain free but my Wife woke up the other morning and was in complete agony complaining of neck/back and shoulder pain with pins and needles going down her arm to her finger tips. I took her to a&e twice and they said the exact same thing that they did to me which was to go home and rest with some diazepam. She took the pills and was still in agony unable to sleep with a pain that she described as a hot knife being poked into her shoulder blade.


Mark Addison

Amazing results in such a short time

Michael has been working on me for a few weeks now and the results are already amazing. Greatly reduced pain and much increased flexibility. I can literally feel my spine and limbs recovering daily after his treatments. Could not recommend highly enough



Financial Consultant - Barnet

Where do I start?

I met Michael quite a few months ago just walking past his clinic, prior to my two session treatment. Knowing I had lower back pain I was still a very hesitant and almost scared to giving chiropractors a chance to work on me, the trust just wasn't there... however it was getting to the point where I was even finding positions to sleep tough, every time I coughed it would also hurt, also suffering from static pain shooting from my lower back through my glutes and down the inner thigh made it almost impossible to bend down. I decided to give it a shot and I'm glad that I went to Micheal in the end. I highly recommend anyone suffering from any sort of back pain... or even any musculoskeletal pain!


Vinay Dhorajiwala

Michael has a ‘Magic Touch’ and knows what he’s doing

I have suffered with back pain for over 25 years and regularly went into spasm. The last time I had a spasm was 2 years ago and I ended up in hospital where the doctors pumped me full of drugs and sent me home. Since then, I've been for Bowen treatment and the spasms haven't returned but I've still been getting severe back pain and I have to spend 2-3 days in bed to recover. I had seen Michael's website on Facebook and I decided to contact him as I was fed up of always being on my guard, wondering when my back was going to go next. Michael spoke to me for around 45 minutes about my back and he came across so genuine and passionate about his work that I felt I had nothing to lose!


Nicky Anthony

Restoring Mobility and Confidence

We came to see Michael after trying most other therapies, this included Physiotherapy, Chiropractors, Acupuncture, Hydrotherapy and a few others. My mum suffers from sever arthritis and is disabled but recently for over a year had three nerves trapped in her leg and back which made are immobile and this led to a loss of confidence. We came to see Michael and he said it would take up to six sessions to get better. After the first session there was a significant improvement and we were also given some back management techniques to do which also helped. After the final treatment we saw a major improvement in the pain my mum was suffering and was able to move more independently which led to her confidence rising again. Michael was extremely professional, friendly and very nice person to meet. We thank you for all your help and are still filling the back management techniques. Thank you so much for your treatments and help.

Mrs Jani and son Raj

Michael Moxon is a brilliant back specialist

After a compression injury at work I was living with constant back pain for over 15 years, then an accident 5 years ago resulted in a dislocated/fractured shoulder which continued to cause me additional pain with most arm movements. Having tried all of the usual routes, chiropractors, osteopaths and acupuncture none of which made any real difference to the constant pain. I had more or less given up and accepted that I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life. Then one day whilst having a conversation with a work colleague. Mike was highly recommended to me via my colleagues own therapist whom Michael had previously treated for whip lash. I was a bit reluctant to call him up at first as felt I had already exhausted all of the routes available to relieve the pain I was in, however I did eventually call as the pain had become progressively worse and after speaking to Mike, who was so confident that he would be able to help, offered me the first session free if I did not feel any significant difference after treatment. I decided I had nothing to lose.


Bill Hughson


Watford, Hertfordshire