Patient Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from my past and present patients. I love to hear the difference I've been able to make in the lives of people that have suffered for years and been led to believe there was nothing they could do.
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Ignoring my pain was a big mistake

5 years ago, pain started to develop in my right leg. It came on slowly but got progressively worse over a period of 6 or 7 weeks. I chose to ignore it in the expectation it would just go away. However, after 7 weeks I finally went to the doctor who, after sending me for an MRI, diagnosed a prolapsed disc in my lower lumber region. By the time I got the results it had cleared up so I just went on with my life.



Michael was the epitome of professionalism throughout

I had been suffering from excruciating pain in my lower back and down my left leg for a number of months with the pain getting worse. I found a recommendation for Michael from a neighbour on the next door App. Michael was the epitome of professionalism from our first interaction on the phone and throughout our sessions. Michael went out of his way to see me the next day and was incredibly compassionate yet no nonsense. After just three sessions my pain was gone and I am delighted to say I have been back pain free for over 3 months now..



Would just like to say a massive thank you to Michael

I was hit in the rib whilst playing football. The pain gradually got worse over time and was also affecting my lower back, to the point of not being able to stand up properly. The hospital diagnosed me with a cracked rib and I also visited a chiropractor who made no difference to the pain I was in. I was recommended Michael by a few friends through football. Michael came to see me at short notice as he could tell how much pain I was in.



Crippling pain kept me off work until I discovered Michael

I had a car accident 20 years ago and though at the time I didn't think this caused an issue for my back, I just escaped with a few scratches. Coupled with a fall the following year I was off work for a year with sciatica pain down my left leg and I was basically immobile. I had tried all sorts of therapies including numerous physiotherapists, osteopaths, specialists over the years. Recently I had pain in my neck and down my right arm which was so bad I couldn’t go to work for a few months.


Anant Patel

Whiplash injury was affecting my concentration and my life

My name is Izzy and I'm an 18 year old student. Last year I suffered a whiplash injury and my spine moved out of place. I just thought it would get better on its own so soldiered on. It got worse and worse and was very painful, this started to effect my concentration and I was struggling to stand and sleep. Mick was recommended and I arranged an appointment, I am so happy I did.. he is amazing! He straight away knew what the problem was and started to help me.. the great thing is he comes to your home and basically won't leave until he has made you more comfortable .




Croxley Green

Our story and how Michael has changed our son’s life

Testimonials on Michael's page are normally from the patient but I feel the need to share our story and how Michael has changed my son's life and my family's for the better. My 19 year old son had been suffering with what we thought was sciatica nerve for over a year. His pain and suffering progressed and he complained of back ache, not being able to walk for short periods, let alone long periods. He couldn't sit in a chair comfortably, play football with his friends, visit the cinema or ride a bike and over time withdrew into himself and isolated himself from his family and friends. We as his parents thought he was being a 'typical teenager' and whilst we believed he was suffering from sciatica pain we also thought he was probably 'putting it on a bit' as teenagers can be over dramatic. Fortunately neither I nor his Dad has suffered back pain so we read up on the sciatica condition spoke to family and friends who all seemed to say the same thing; physiotherapy and exercise will reduce the pain of sciatica nerve.



I was amazed how quickly I could feel the results

If you are are suffering with neck/ back pain you MUST see Michael! His work, skills, gift, is truly amazing. I have been suffering with severe Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for over 6 years. I have a herniated disc around C5/C6 level, pressing on my nerves and spinal cord and have loss of cervical lordosis (no curve in my cervical spine). My pain symptoms range from sharp burning, tingling, severe stabbing, throbbing, constant dull ache, all on and around my neck, down my left shoulder and down my left arm into my wrist and fingers and also down my thoracic spine. (more…)

Melissa Nounai

Micheal Moxon – Worth every penny!

Mike was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I'm 31 years old & a relatively active person, I enjoy snowboarding, martial arts and working out to keep fit. I have struggled through life with lower back pain for as far as I can remember. I would have monthly visits to the osteopath to get re-jiggled, and all would be well again, for a while at least! Looking back on it, they only ever worked on the problem area which was the lower back region that was causing me pain. (more…)

David Hornbuckle

A genuine man willing to help us even whilst on holiday

We met Mike whilst on holiday recently. After talking about all our aches and pains and how much we needed this holiday to rest our bodies, Mike mentioned how he had noticed a problem with my back just by my stature, he was absolutely right. My neck had been stiff for months. There was a Spa massage bed just along the beach and Mike, without any hesitation set to helping me. (more…)

Tony & Enid