Patient Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from my past and present patients. I love to hear the difference I've been able to make in the lives of people that have suffered for years and been led to believe there was nothing they could do.
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Paul Chrysaphiades

Absolutely amazing! I had an ongoing should and neck pain for over 6 months that was getting worse. I contacted Michael and explained the issues I was experiencing. He told me that I would need just one treatment. Following the treatment, my shoulder feels great with full movement restored. (more…)

Paul Chrysaphiades


What a device! It has been like turning off a switch in my back! The freedom to move again, without pensive caution. It really changes the water too. We have our own water well and filtration system here so we’re not subject to the normal municipal muck but it takes it to another level when it’s been structured! It’s silkyer ( not sure if that’s a real word but you get it) My mother in law enjoyed an instant benefit and would like to buy one, so too do my parents! So I’ll be ordering a couple more devices soon from you once they’ve transferred some money over! Anyway, feel free to use what you will of this email as testimonial! It is utterly brilliant and I’ll be in contact soon for some more.

Successful Animal Treatments with iTeraCare Wand – Pepper’s Story

This is Pepper our neighbour’s dog. He is 17+ years old, and a week ago, he was diagnosed with blood clots and was in a very bad way. He couldn’t stand up on his own, and his legs would buckle underneath him with no strength to support his own body weight. Gill and I offered to help him using the amazing ITeraCare frequency wand. The treatment was once a day and lasted for approximately 10 minutes. We also changed his water to the water we use, which is distilled with our trace minerals and charged with the ITeraCare Frequency Wand.
  • After the first treatment, you could see a slight improvement.
  • After the second treatment, Pepper could stand up but would crash into things and really didn’t have control of his legs properly.
  • After the third treatment and onwards, as you can see in the video, it’s not short of a miracle.
The vet could not believe his eyes when our neighbour took him back, which he thought more than likely would be to send Pepper on his final journey. We are now reducing his treatment sessions to every other day and will gradually phase them out, but not the charged water, which Pepper will have all the time now. Pepper even managed a little jog/run on his way to the vet. Miracles do happen. It’s all about Scala frequency healing until the Med Beds are available. Amazing technology. The science and technology about these amazing ITeraCare devices is all available here on my website.  

Amazingly beneficial for me

Thought I would just drop you a message to let you know how I am getting on with the terahertz wand and so far so good, I have a spinal injury which left me paralysed from the neck down nearly 30 years ago. I get a lot of bad shoulder pain being basically the only area and my head which I can feel and on a few occasions when getting up sitting in my chair have had extremely bad pain-tightness in my neck. Using it has really helped on a good few occasions now allowing me to get on with things rather than giving into the pain and heading back to bed. Going back X amount of weeks ago and an hour or so after using it my mate said "that machine really helped didn't it?" When saying "yes" he couldn't believe the difference saying how he could see how much pain I was in previously to using it. Last Sunday my brothers were here and I got one of them to try it on the other one's back which it didn't help much for, however when he asked to try it across his shoulders literally just 3-4 minutes later stood up saying it had GONE. Chatting to him the following evening still absolutely nothing no pain whatsoever and he reckoned it had been there every day since the end of November-early December (around 2.5-3 months) I also saw a nurse one day struggling with a pain in her neck-shoulder suggesting she tried it and although reluctant at first and myself saying "it can't do any harm" she gave it a go. Once again only for a few minutes. Before she left she said it was already feeling better and when seeing her around one week later she said it went and nothing since. I generally don't or more to the point can't use anything like massages on my shoulders due to it being too painful. However this I can use as not actually touching the skin which has been amazingly beneficial for me as well as helping the above mentioned people. Both of them and others that I've shown it to might be interested in purchasing one so you might be sending more terahertz wand's  to Jersey :-) Thank you very much for the quick delivery and replies to my emails, much appreciated, PS I only send such emails-testimonies if finding something extremely good-beneficial, thus the reason for the above.

Andy Pugsley

More than impressed with the results

Less than a week into wanding and I am more than impressed with the results. We started with wanded water.  The water tasted noticeably 'fatter' and tastier.  After a few minutes I felt a bit light-headed.  This passed. I've started small.  Drinking water through the day, a minute or so on drainage pathways and then some ad hoc bits elsewhere (use to dry hair, 5 minutes on spine). I have noticed: • Reduced inflammation (puffiness, water retention and redness) • 'weight loss' which I am attributing to water retention/inflammation. • Improved eyesight (clearer picture/ more vibrant colours) • Reduced bloat/inflammation in abdomen • Smoother joints (no clicking) • Improved range of motion without additional exercise or stretching • Softer and tighter skin • Improved circulation (no cold spots on skin) • More alert in the morning My partner who has the fissure was keen to do a target on his problem areas.  We did a full 20 minutes on him on day 1.  I think in retrospect this might have been a bit strong as he has had some slight sleep disturbance and morning grogginess.  However he will be on water only for the next few days as he is away from home. • I have noticed he has reduced redness all over. • He has noticed some possible detox symptoms (BO when usually he does not smell) • Improved circulation (hands and feet are actually warm for a change). Overall, very impressed.  Definitely not placebo as I could not have dreamt of such fast and varied response. Also, my partner is very on board with the device but he would be a bit more skeptical than me.  After the very first sip of wanded water he remarked that before the drink my breath smelled a little...and after, nothing! Side effects: I noticed last night that my spleen seems to be a bit enlarged.  I have noticed this in the recent past when I have a cold.  I am putting it down to increased cell detox.  I will keep the wanding to a minimum for a few days. Also, we have done one session each on the spine, c10mins.  The next day we both noticed some muscle soreness.  Again, likely detox response but very interesting as it didn't seem like an 'intense' session at the time.

Kate Brady

Words cannot explain my gratitude

Hi, my name is Debbie, I am not one for testimonials but today I have felt compelled to do one and I seriously believe if someone can change your path of pain the experience should be shared. I am 55 years of age and very healthy with no medication. (more…)