Non Specific Back Pain

None Specific Back Pain or NSBP is often diagnosed when a patient is suffering some form of back pain and the Doctors or other medical professionals cannot find a specific reason for the cause of the pain.

In most cases, the patient would have had an X-ray, an MRI scan, or perhaps even both, with the goal of determining the cause of the pain being experienced.

If after undergoing these procedures the X-ray and MRI scans are unable to reveal anything, then more often than not the diagnosis could well be Non Specific Back Pain.

Non Specific Back Pain

Treating Non Specific Back Pain

I have been treating non specific back pain for years using my unique treatment programme which incorporates Interferential Electro Stimulation Therapy followed by Shiatsu Massage and then gentle manipulation (vertebrae alignment) achieving excellent results. See what my patients have to say.

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