GP’s are failing back pain sufferers every day

In a recent article published by The Times, the extent of how GP’s are failing to deal with back pain appropriately has been revealed.

It states that “Millions of patients with back pain are being given pointless drugs, surgery and injections, with a third prescribed dangerous opioids, experts say.

It really is staggering to learn that Doctors are preferring to offer these useless and often harmful interventions rather than educate patients about other options and inform them about the importance of the correct types of activity and back management.

People are often wrongly informed that rest is all they need. That’s fine if you’re just looking for a way to get time off work, but if you are a genuine sufferer of back pain, your priority is to become pain free and reclaim your life.

Back pain does not discriminate between race, age or gender. We are all equally vulnerable which is clear when the figures reveal that up to 9 million are suffering in Britain today. Even the Lancet, the esteemed magazine for medical practitioners, says that back pain is routinely badly treated – shameful.

The common practice appears to be the dispensing of steroid injections and scans, which often lead to surgical intervention. One fifth of these surgeries make the situation worse for the patient and those that don’t exhibit symptoms worsening, would most likely have improved with the correct therapeutic treatment.

Natural healing is for the vast majority of those suffering with back and neck pain, the best course of treatment. We need to avoid introducing man made chemicals into our bodies and just provide ourselves with the opportunity to begin the healing process as nature intended.

Let’s always aim to leave our spinal column in tact. Nature gave us all these parts we need for a reason, so we should hang on to them and keep them mobile whenever possible. Bracing and fusing may appear to resolve a localised issue, but will usually be the cause of referred pains and disabilities elsewhere.

Become Back Pain Free

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