Successful Animal Treatments with iTeraCare Wand – Pepper’s Story

This is Pepper our neighbour’s dog.

He is 17+ years old, and a week ago, he was diagnosed with blood clots and was in a very bad way. He couldn’t stand up on his own, and his legs would buckle underneath him with no strength to support his own body weight.

Gill and I offered to help him using the amazing ITeraCare frequency wand. The treatment was once a day and lasted for approximately 10 minutes. We also changed his water to the water we use, which is distilled with our trace minerals and charged with the ITeraCare Frequency Wand.

  • After the first treatment, you could see a slight improvement.
  • After the second treatment, Pepper could stand up but would crash into things and really didn’t have control of his legs properly.
  • After the third treatment and onwards, as you can see in the video, it’s not short of a miracle.

The vet could not believe his eyes when our neighbour took him back, which he thought more than likely would be to send Pepper on his final journey.

We are now reducing his treatment sessions to every other day and will gradually phase them out, but not the charged water, which Pepper will have all the time now. Pepper even managed a little jog/run on his way to the vet.

Miracles do happen.

It’s all about Scala frequency healing until the Med Beds are available.

Amazing technology.

The science and technology about these amazing ITeraCare devices is all available here on my website.