Whiplash injury was affecting my concentration and my life

My name is Izzy and I’m an 18 year old student. Last year I suffered a whiplash injury and my spine moved out of place. I just thought it would get better on its own so soldiered on. It got worse and worse and was very painful, this started to effect my concentration and I was struggling to stand and sleep.

Mick was recommended and I arranged an appointment, I am so happy I did.. he is amazing! He straight away knew what the problem was and started to help me.. the great thing is he comes to your home and basically won’t leave until he has made you more comfortable .

I have had a few sessions and my injuries have been sorted and with good back management it should stay that way. I can now concentrate and enjoy a really good nights sleep and behave like a normal teenager. I can’t recommend Mick enough, he is brilliant at what he does but also makes you feel really relaxed and happy too.



Croxley Green