Where do I start?

I met Michael quite a few months ago just walking past his clinic, prior to my two session treatment. Knowing I had lower back pain I was still a very hesitant and almost scared to giving chiropractors a chance to work on me, the trust just wasn’t there… however it was getting to the point where I was even finding positions to sleep tough, every time I coughed it would also hurt, also suffering from static pain shooting from my lower back through my glutes and down the inner thigh made it almost impossible to bend down. I decided to give it a shot and I’m glad that I went to Micheal in the end. I highly recommend anyone suffering from any sort of back pain… or even any musculoskeletal pain!

In my opinion his knowledge is second to none, not only is he experienced in his field but in how to manage your posture and the way to do things correctly in the right form, right form the beginning he would explain to me what he’s doing, why he is doing it and what is actually happening internally, and also a very experienced individual in LIFE! Most chiropractors know what they are doing by the book, but most of them; infant probably all of them have not even suffered any back pain in their life… it was this background that Michael had that made me choose him for my treatment. And to be honest with you I would not bother going to anyone else as he is an awesome person too! very easy to get along with, a genuine guy and actually cares.

I’ve had two sessions from Michael and even after the first one I noticed the difference immediately with the condition of my back, along with daily stretching and foam rolling and most importantly the back management Michael has taught me, however after the second season… that was the one that set everything in order and now I have never felt better!

All I can say is thank you Michael!

Vinay Dhorajiwala