Amazing Results

I had a herniated disc in my spine after a gym incident in 2018 and had several visits to a&e only to be told by doctors that my injury was purely muscular and to go home and rest. After the pain got a lot worse I knew it had to be a spinal injury so I found Mick online and called him and got an appointment straight away. When I arrived I could barely walk and was in extreme agony but by the end of the appointment I was walking normally and after two sessions and some movement advice from Mick I was completely back to normal and pain free.

Two years on and I’m still 100% pain free but my Wife woke up the other morning and was in complete agony complaining of neck/back and shoulder pain with pins and needles going down her arm to her finger tips. I took her to a&e twice and they said the exact same thing that they did to me which was to go home and rest with some diazepam. She took the pills and was still in agony unable to sleep with a pain that she described as a hot knife being poked into her shoulder blade.

So I knew that the only person who could help us would be Mick. I called him as we were leaving a&e with my Wife in tears and unable to lower her arm due to the pain……. and thankfully he was able to see us immediately! We arrived shortly after the call and Mick assessed her and diagnosed a semi dislocated shoulder with a pinched nerve due to her back and neck being completely out of alignment.

After the first session she was able to lower her arm and was in a lot less pain, and a few more sessions later and she was 100% back to normal and finally able to get a decent nights sleep!

I can not recommend this man enough, I truly believe he was sent from the God’s. I’ve never felt so helpless seeing my Wife in agony and not being able to take her pain away….. The hospital told her to go and see her gp and practically washed their hands of her and she would have been in agony for weeks if not months with a semi dislocated shoulder, thankfully this all happened before the Government lockdown.

Thank God for Mick

Mark Addison