Patient Testimonials

Here you'll find a few testimonials from my past and present patients. I love to hear the difference I've been able to make in the lives of people that have suffered for years and been led to believe there was nothing they could do.
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Pain experienced when eating

Approximately 6 years ago, I started to experience pain when I used to eat certain types of food. This was very rare and it used to last for a few seconds and then disappear. As time went on the problem worsened, the food used to get stuck and I would have to force myself to vomit so the pain would go away. At this point I decided to visit my GP, which was 4 years ago. He said that he thought it was a problem with acidity and prescribed me with the necessary medication. I was 15 years old at the time. I then completed my course of medication and went back to him as the problem was worsening. He then prescribed me with stronger acid medication. I then went half way through the course and decided to visit another doctor. He stated that he didn’t know what the problem was and needed to do a few tests to try and diagnose my illness. (more…)


Suffering from a Prolapsed Disc

I am suffering from a Prolapsed Disc. It all started about 5 years back with a backache (on the right side) when I would walk too much or stand a lot. But, once I had rested for a bit, the pain would go away. So I just ignored it. As time passed the pain started increasing and eventually it became unbearable. So I went to the doctors who initially said it was nothing. But after complaining of the back pain and pins and needles down my right leg they sent me for x-ray which showed a slip disc. They advised physiotherapy, but the waiting list was too long so we went privately. (more…)