Walking unaided and never used a stick since

I spent many years in pain due to Sciatica and had seen in excess of 20 practitioners who all claimed to be able to relieve my constant suffering. I constantly put my faith in these so called experts and even had in excess of 30 treatments with one of them which cost me well over £1000.

I had pretty much given up on the idea of being without pain and having to spend the rest of my life using a walking stick and at the worst points being unable to get out of bed or even out of a chair.

One day I saw an advert which just said PAIN FREE and I thought why not ring as I have nothing to lose. I spoke to Michael that night and got pretty much the same spiel as the rest but I still booked him!

WOW AMAZING and I’m not just saying that!!

The first treatment had me standing straighter and I did have less pain! After 6 treatments I was able to move completely unaided and have never used a stick since.

Being PAIN FREE convinced me to lose weight and take up sport again and I now play Tennis and Badminton as well as use the Gym.

Mick did what he said he would. I still see him to maintain my back but only so I never end up in the physical condition I was before I met him. I now consider Mick a Friend as well as my Back Practitioner.



Company Director - London