Suffering from a Prolapsed Disc

I am suffering from a Prolapsed Disc.

It all started about 5 years back with a backache (on the right side) when I would walk too much or stand a lot. But, once I had rested for a bit, the pain would go away. So I just ignored it.

As time passed the pain started increasing and eventually it became unbearable. So I went to the doctors who initially said it was nothing. But after complaining of the back pain and pins and needles down my right leg they sent me for x-ray which showed a slip disc. They advised physiotherapy, but the waiting list was too long so we went privately.

Even here after an MRI scan the diagnosis was slip disc and only remedy was painkillers or physio. But in spite of physio sessions, the pain kept coming back. This was 3 years back.

By this time I was so fed up I couldn’t stand much or walk much or sleep through the night or even sit long enough to watch a movie. I just started taking more care with my back like not picking up heavy items, not walking too much, changing our mattress to memory foam, etc. But, every few weeks the pain would return.

After a couple of years of suffering, early last year my back just went I couldn’t sit stand sleep or walk. It was so bad that for one day I was completely in bed and then even to stand to brush my teeth was extremely painful. I would get shooting pain in my back going down to my right leg. And my right leg could not be lifted so I was dragging it along like a wooden leg. My right ankle could not bend on its own so I couldn’t drive. It was so bad I thought my leg would be paralysed and I would be bedridden due to the unbearable pain.

I went back to my GP. Seeing my state and how I was dragging my leg and bent from my back, she immediately sent me for emergency MRI.

This showed the Prolapse Disc. So I was referred to a consultant. But again long waiting list… this time I waited. But during that time I went twice to A&E as I just couldn’t bear the pain. But all they did was give me painkillers and sent me home.

Finally when I got the appointment @Royal London Hospital, they gave me two options either painkillers or back operation. The operation they would put a plate between my two discs and even that they would not guarantee any success. But if I didn’t have the op and the disc moved anymore closer to spinal cord, I could get paralysed waist down.

No other options were given.

Fortunately my nephew (who was getting treatment for his back from Michael ) suggested MANIPULATION sessions with Michael. I had never had anything like this done before, in fact never heard of this treatment. But I was in so much pain constantly that I was ready to try anything that could give me relief.

So I started Manipulation Sessions with Michael. I could feel the difference in just a couple of sessions. And by the sixth session the pain was all but gone plus I could drive again as my ankle could lift itself. Yes I did get pain when I strained my back by overdoing my walking or standing, but Michael has shown me Back Management which helps to keep my back pain free.

Now I just take 3\4 sessions a year with Michael to maintain my back.

Thank God for Michael and his art of Manipulation… I am pain free and healthy and did not have to go through the life-threatening back operation.