Relief for a long term sufferer of back pain

I have been a long term sufferer of back pain and tried many practitioners. I was recommended to Michael… As soon as he starts to talk about his work you feel he really loves what he does. He has a passion for his profession and genuinely cares for the patient. It quickly became apparent that his knowledge is not just theoretical but can be interpreted to real world things that can only come with experience (in my case it was sneezing too hard and picking up my child). Michael uses a more holistic approach to his care and taps into all areas of your life (mind, body and wellbeing). His methods for bone and muscle manipulation are helped greatly by his strength and technique. Michael is a mobile practitioner which is a big bonus and means you never miss an appointment – especially for those of us who “just can’t find the time”.

Michael’s treatment has been the best I have ever had, I feel I have turned a corner. I am a lot more alert, active and no longer worry about being in pain. I would highly recommend you try Michael – You will not be disappointed!

Afzal Mussa


IT Consultant - London