Regularly bedridden

I suffered with back problems from when I was 16 due to a construction accident. Later in my 20s I was involved in a car accident which compounded the injury further.

Over the next decade I saw various practitioners who all had a different prognosis and differing recommendations for treatment. Eventually in my early 30s my back became so bad I regularly was bedridden.

I was introduced to Michael via a colleague and can honestly say that he is so far removed from everyone else I have seen its quite astonishing.

Within 6 treatments I was not only taller, stronger and clearer in my thinking, his methods almost revolutionised me as a human being.

I still see Michael for a back ‘maintenance’ sessions every 6 to 8 weeks or whenever I can feel that I might be slightly out of alignment, no different to having regular sports / muscle massages.

He has truly altered the course of my life. I owe him a lot.



Director - Middlesex