More than impressed with the results

Less than a week into wanding and I am more than impressed with the results.

We started with wanded water.  The water tasted noticeably ‘fatter’ and tastier.  After a few minutes I felt a bit light-headed.  This passed.

I’ve started small.  Drinking water through the day, a minute or so on drainage pathways and then some ad hoc bits elsewhere (use to dry hair, 5 minutes on spine).

I have noticed:

• Reduced inflammation (puffiness, water retention and redness)
• ‘weight loss’ which I am attributing to water retention/inflammation.
• Improved eyesight (clearer picture/ more vibrant colours)
• Reduced bloat/inflammation in abdomen
• Smoother joints (no clicking)
• Improved range of motion without additional exercise or stretching
• Softer and tighter skin
• Improved circulation (no cold spots on skin)
• More alert in the morning

My partner who has the fissure was keen to do a target on his problem areas.  We did a full 20 minutes on him on day 1.  I think in retrospect this might have been a bit strong as he has had some slight sleep disturbance and morning grogginess.  However he will be on water only for the next few days as he is away from home.

• I have noticed he has reduced redness all over.
• He has noticed some possible detox symptoms (BO when usually he does not smell)
• Improved circulation (hands and feet are actually warm for a change).

Overall, very impressed.  Definitely not placebo as I could not have dreamt of such fast and varied response.

Also, my partner is very on board with the device but he would be a bit more skeptical than me.  After the very first sip of wanded water he remarked that before the drink my breath smelled a little…and after, nothing!

Side effects:
I noticed last night that my spleen seems to be a bit enlarged.  I have noticed this in the recent past when I have a cold.  I am putting it down to increased cell detox.  I will keep the wanding to a minimum for a few days.
Also, we have done one session each on the spine, c10mins.  The next day we both noticed some muscle soreness.  Again, likely detox response but very interesting as it didn’t seem like an ‘intense’ session at the time.

Kate Brady