Micheal Moxon – Worth every penny!

Mike was recommended to me by a friend of mine.

I’m 31 years old & a relatively active person, I enjoy snowboarding, martial arts and working out to keep fit. I have struggled through life with lower back pain for as far as I can remember. I would have monthly visits to the osteopath to get re-jiggled, and all would be well again, for a while at least! Looking back on it, they only ever worked on the problem area which was the lower back region that was causing me pain.

Early last year whilst working out in the gym, I tweaked my back during a set of squats. I thought it was the usual injury where I could rest up for a while, see my local Osteopath & all would be ok…. Or so I thought! WRONG!!!!

As time went on my symptoms got worse & worse. I had to give up working out & martial arts. Fortunately I’d already had my snowboarding holiday for the year. I was gutted, I basically started getting depressed & agitated where I couldn’t think straight as my back hurt so bad with everything I did. I got headaches more than usual as well.

I started eating badly & gained weight. I thought to myself, ‘right enough is enough, I’m going to get myself better’. So, over that year I went to see 2 osteopaths, 1 chiropractor, did yoga & Pilates classes, stretched, & tried trigger point thearopy. Nothing worked.

My next step was to have an MRI scan done, which was a battle in itself with the Doctor to refer me, but that’s another story. I went privately and saw an orthopaedic surgeon at ‘Harley street’ (Top of the game apparently). The MRI showed that I had a herniated disc and a dehydrated disc between my S1 & L5 vertabrae (spine bones). My only choice was to be operated on, or have a steroid injection to calm the nerve down. I chose the latter (surgery… No thank you. Risky business).

Although being a posh hospital and the staff being ever so friendly, it was still an unpleasant experience actually having the steroid injection. When pumping the liquid in, it doesn’t hurt, but you can feel it flowing into your body & draining down your back. It made me feel queasy.

I can tell you that the steroid injection did absolutely nothing to help with the pain. If anything, it actually aggravated the muscles surrounding my lower back. It felt liked I’d been punched in the kidney. I’m no wimp when it comes to pain, but I think over time my back had become so bad that anything other than back pain had become trivial.

Anyway, after the steroid injection the consultant came to see me. He explained the procedure etc… I asked him “what if it doesn’t work, where do we go from here?”. He replied, (exact words) “you can do sweet precious nothing I’m affraid, you’ll unfortunately just have to live with it.” Thanks for nothing pal!

I gave up. I was tuckered out. I thought this is my life now as I’d tried everything. Or so I thought…

I was on a job and randomly bumped into a guy I met on a previous job. We got chatting again and I mentioned my back was bad. He told me about Mike and how good his treatment was. I took Mikes number and gave him a call that night.

On speaking with him I couldn’t believe the confidence in his voice when he announced “Yes you can Dave, Yes you can get better!” I went cold & nearly cried. I’d totally given up and there was this man giving me hope again. I was completely overwhelmed.

I won’t lie, Mikes price was quite high but that was because I lived quite far from where he practices.
I Ummed & Arrrrred for about a week. I went online & read all the reviews off Mikes web page. But what swayed me to book him in for the treatment was the fact that he said “you can get better!”. There was no if’s, no buts, just YES YOU CAN!

I booked him in for the treatment and he visited me and my other half on Saturdays for the next 6 weeks.

The first time he saw me he said “good grief, I can tell you’re in a bad way!”. Mike explained that he sympathised with me completely and that he had previously suffered with horrendous back pain as well, which is why he went into his field of expertise. To help poeple. Unlike most Chiropractors or Osteopaths, Mike is unique in this way and in my opinion, experience is the best form of knowledge. He knows exactly what you’re going through.

I lay in my front room on the massage bed which he provides and he felt around my back. He explained where he could feel and pin pointed exactly where he knew my back was bad. He was spot on everytime. After the tens machine treatment, Mike then massaged my back muscles so they were loose for adjustment. Even this is a unique way of massage, it felt great.

After my first adjustment, I felt extremely tingly & light headed. I also needed the loo. Mike explained that this was the nerves coming back online. I instantly felt looser as well.

Over the next 6 weeks Mike continued to visit on Saturdays. We would sit and go through when my back started to hurt again between treatments. THIS IS WHY HIS TREATMENT IS GREAT. Not only does he adjust your whole back (not just parts like other thearopists), he talks to you and works out what’s going on in your life. Then explains where you’re going wrong.

BACK MANAGEMENT – I will never forget this teaching from Mike. The treatment only works if you maintain his teachings of ‘back management’. And he’s right. We worked out that my bed was too hard (which is why my muscles couldn’t relax whilst sleeping). I needed to wear a lower back support for a while whilst I strengthened my back muscles with exercise, which he also teaches you. My rucksack tool bag was absolutely killing my back.

I immediately made these changes. I bought a back support (good one). I bought a soft memory foam mattress topper (cheap one). And, I bought a wheeled tool bag. Mike showed me how to lift my tool bag and manage my back. I still follow his teachings and I must say my back is so much better for it.

He was so good that we ended up getting my mum round so he could fix her as well.

1 year on and my back is approx: 90% better which is better than it’s ever been. The only reason I say 90% is that I have to watch everything I do from now on. If it were 100% I’d be bouncing around off the walls with not a care in the world. I have to incorporate ‘back management’ in my every day life, but I am ‘pain free’ which is the ultimate goal. I am back in the gym now & doing well.

Mike is worth every penny! And his treatment does work!

If you have doubts, don’t, just book him in and let him do his thing.
He was right, ‘YES YOU CAN get better! With his help.

He is so much more than just a back adjuster, he is a god send!

Thank you so much Mike.

David Hornbuckle