Michael Moxon is a brilliant back specialist

After a compression injury at work I was living with constant back pain for over 15 years, then an accident 5 years ago resulted in a dislocated/fractured shoulder which continued to cause me additional pain with most arm movements.

Having tried all of the usual routes, chiropractors, osteopaths and acupuncture none of which made any real difference to the constant pain. I had more or less given up and accepted that I would have to live with this pain for the rest of my life.

Then one day whilst having a conversation with a work colleague. Mike was highly recommended to me via my colleagues own therapist whom Michael had previously treated for whip lash.
I was a bit reluctant to call him up at first as felt I had already exhausted all of the routes available to relieve the pain I was in, however I did eventually call as the pain had become progressively worse and after speaking to Mike, who was so confident that he would be able to help, offered me the first session free if I did not feel any significant difference after treatment. I decided I had nothing to lose.

True to his word, my first session was euphoric and left me feeling great. I had a massive reduction in my pain and after two further sessions I am now able to go about my day to day activities with more flexibility than I have had for years and virtually pain free.

I would highly recommend Mike to anyone who is suffering with back and/or shoulder injury and pain.
Mike is an honest easy to get on with guy, who having suffered serious back problems himself is very sympathetic and passionate and has an amazing gift for helping others.

Bill Hughson


Watford, Hertfordshire