Let Michael come and do his magic

Out of nowhere I suffered a catastrophic back injury, one day I was fine and suddenly one afternoon my back went into a massive spasm and I was in agony, couldn’t walk and any movement was overwhelmingly painful. My husband took me for an MRI at a private hospital and the doctor wanted to operate within days. I had suffered a prolapsed disc in my lower back.

I came home and my GP prescribed very strong pain killers and muscle relaxers, which completely incapacitated me. I couldn’t walk unaided, couldn’t work or do anything, I was in bed while my husband went to work, neighbours kindly popped in now and then, most of the time I was in so much pain I took pain killers which either sent me to sleep or semi-conscious.

Slowly the pain slightly subsided as the muscle relaxers did their work. I still couldn’t walk unaided and was signed off work. I didn’t want to undergo surgery and a neighbour suggested a therapeutic method his wife had had which was a combination of chiropractic, osteopathy and massage. I decided I wanted to try this first, certainly before I was going anywhere near a surgeon. The neighbour introduced us to Michael who spoke to my husband and agreed to come to our home, there was no way I could travel anywhere, so this was fantastic.

Michael came and spent two hours with us the first time listening to what had happened and then with the help of my husband helped me onto a therapeutic bed he had set up next to my bed. Michael had suffered a similar back problem himself so he truly understood what I was going through. He always took his time and ‘worked’ on my back at the pace myself and my back could manage, he came at times that suited us, was always patient and caring.

Over time by using a tense machine and manipulation techniques the swelling around the disc lessened and the disc moved back into place. After each visit the pain was less and my mobility returned. Michael also helped me understand my posture and movement which helped me think about my back and be as preventative as possible as I stopped needing his weekly sessions. I know I can call michael at any time, night, day or weekend and he will come and do his magic.



Age 50