Ignoring my pain was a big mistake

5 years ago, pain started to develop in my right leg. It came on slowly but got progressively worse over a period of 6 or 7 weeks. I chose to ignore it in the expectation it would just go away. However, after 7 weeks I finally went to the doctor who, after sending me for an MRI, diagnosed a prolapsed disc in my lower lumber region. By the time I got the results it had cleared up so I just went on with my life.

Fast forward 5 years to July 2017 and the same problem started to develop again. Having been through it before, I assumed I could just suck it up again for a couple of months and so carried on. That was a big mistake. By September, the pain was intense so I started to look online for a solution whereupon I came across Michael’s website. The first thing which struck me was his back story, the troubles he has had and his determination to find a solution which did not involve back surgery. The testimonials on the site and the fact he comes to you clinched it for me. I called him and made an appointment.

Michael has a way of looking at you when he first arrives. He somehow knows from your posture what is required and roughly how long it will take. Having assessed my posture, he told me on the first visit I had a serious injury and it would take 4 to 8 treatments depending on how quickly my body would respond to his treatments. It was after the third treatment that I felt things getting noticeably better although there was some way to go. I then tripped when out visiting a client the following week, jarring my leg and therefore my back badly. When Michael saw me for the next treatment, he looked at my posture and asked if I had had an accident. Somehow, he just knew that something had gone wrong since our last meeting. In all, it took 8 treatments to get pain free and it was well worth the time and money expended to get back to fitness.

If you are reading this testimonial, it must be because you or someone you know are experiencing the kind of pain I did for a quarter of 2017. You must follow this interest up and call Michael. His methods work and he will have you pain free as quickly as your body can respond to him. He also cares a great deal for his patients as he knows from personal experience just what you are going through and his passion for what he does comes through in each conversation you have with him.

I have been pain free now for 3 weeks and counting and am continuing with the back management Michael has taught me. Thank you Michael for all you have done.