I was amazed how quickly I could feel the results

If you are are suffering with neck/ back pain you MUST see Michael! His work, skills, gift, is truly amazing.

I have been suffering with severe Chronic neck, back and shoulder pain for over 6 years. I have a herniated disc around C5/C6 level, pressing on my nerves and spinal cord and have loss of cervical lordosis (no curve in my cervical spine). My pain symptoms range from sharp burning, tingling, severe stabbing, throbbing, constant dull ache, all on and around my neck, down my left shoulder and down my left arm into my wrist and fingers and also down my thoracic spine.

I have received countless amounts of Hospital treatments into my cervical spine such as Cortisone steroid epidural injections (7 sets of treatment, 16 injections in total), into the discs and the facet joints, trigger point injections, nerve and SPG blocks, I’ve also tried acupuncture, osteopathy, and also had countless amounts of physiotherapy. I was then left with the option of surgery if I want it, but have not really been reassured it will actually help, it could make things even worse. I really did not want to go down this route.

I just felt my health was deteriorating. Being in severe pain daily, with stiffness, aches and very little movement/ rotation turning my head and looking left. But then, like a miracle I found Michael! I came across Michaels Facebook page, backpainfree, and I can honestly say after my first phone call I wanted to cry with relief. Someone who finally understands what I’m going through, and actually really wants to help!

After my first treatment with Michael I was amazed how quickly I could feel the results. Michael has given me so much more movement in my neck which I haven’t had for years. He has given me knowledge and trust that I can do more than I ever felt I could. And the biggest thing of all, Michael has given me Hope. Something I never thought I would feel again. I know I’m far from being ‘fixed’, but I know I am now on the right path to improvement and a better way of life with Michael treating me.

Michael’s empathy and enthusiasm shines from his every visit and he truly is a god send.

Melissa Nounai