Hypermobility Syndrome had us at our wits end

I have a 13 year old daughter, who suffers with Hypermobility syndrome.

My daughter has seen several doctors, rheumatologists and physiotherapists, at many London Hospitals including Great Ormond Street and Chelsea and Westminster. I first met Michael 3 years ago when my daughter had been admitted into hospital on morphine, for the pain she was suffering in her back and was discharged still in agony and told to work on her pain management techniques, (easier said than done).

As a parent seeing your little girl, see doctor after doctor, and not one of them being able to take her pain away is unbearable. My daughter would lie awake all night crying in pain, with us only being able to give her pain killers, hot water bottles and give her back rubs until she would fall asleep with exhaustion. She was unable to participate in any sport activities and unable to sit in school during lessons for any long periods of time.

Michael was recommended to us by a friend who had received treatment. I contacted Michael and explained my daughter’s condition I was at my wits end. He was at my front door within an hour, and from that moment we have never looked back.

In our opinion Michael is a very special man. When my daughter had her first treatment you could see the relief upon her face and a smile that we hadn’t see in a very long time. Michael suffers with the same kind of condition himself, so understood exactly how she was feeling. He not only made her feel amazing physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Finally we found someone who actually understood her pain, and promised he could help. We shed a few tears that day. My daughter, after a course of treatments and ongoing top up treatments, is now a new little lady. She is now at school every day, not living on pain killers and participating in sport.

Michael you really are a very special man, with healing hands and a very caring heart.

We will never be able to thank you enough.



Company Director - Harefield