Headaches and pins and needles

I suffered bad headaches and pins and needles in my fingers for years. I couldn’t turn my head to the right properly and had difficulty turning my head round when reversing my car.

I’ve had M.R.I scans, seen a neurologist, had blood tests and all came back negative they couldn’t find any thing wrong. I’ve sought help from Chiropractors to no avail. Physiotherapy just aggravated my condition.

When a friend recommended that I see Michael for treatment, I was a bit sceptical I thought I had exhausted all avenues in my quest for help. After completing Michael’s treatment programme, I no longer suffer the continual headaches, can turn my head to the left and right without restriction and the pins and needles are no longer.

Your knowledge, experience, passion for your work, is second to none.
Thank you.



Financial Advisor - Stanmore