A genuine man willing to help us even whilst on holiday

We met Mike whilst on holiday recently.

After talking about all our aches and pains and how much we needed this holiday to rest our bodies, Mike mentioned how he had noticed a problem with my back just by my stature, he was absolutely right. My neck had been stiff for months. There was a Spa massage bed just along the beach and Mike, without any hesitation set to helping me.

Within minutes he had got right to the source of my problem and explained that it was extended from my mid lower back, detailing the joint number and exact position. He then massage and manipulated my back and with one click of my neck all the tension and pressure had gone.

Amazing I was standing much taller and pain free. My wife also has suffered from a bad back for years, and after help from Mike, felt instant relief.

We are both most grateful to Mike and his professional willingness to help. We both need more work to help with years of problems, and will most definitely be keeping in touch with this genuine man.

Who else would have disturb their holiday to help others, fantastic, glad we have met you Mike

Tony & Enid