Finally have my life back again thanks to Michael

There have been very few things in my life that I have felt compelled to write something about, but the change to my life after being treated by Michael, is without doubt one of them.

I first met Michael when he was introduced to me as a potential client. He needed a website to demonstrate his unique skills and treatment program for people suffering with back and neck pain. As a long term sufferer myself (since the age of 15 and now pushing 50), I was interested to see what his claims were as like so many others, I thought I’d already tried ‘everything’.

As soon as he started talking about how he treats people, it was obvious he was passionate about what he did and helping people to make long lasting changes to their lives. He talked about being ‘pain free’, which was just what I’d been promised so many times before and had never achieved. I was hearing how different and effective his treatment was, but I was sceptical. A natural reaction from someone who’d tried new treatments so many times before.

I was due one of my regular visits to our local Osteopath. They were very good and always got my mobile again. The big problem was that I had become a regular. Every few weeks I was back again for another tweak or manipulation as a form of ongoing maintenance. Sometimes it was a single visit and sometimes it was two or three in a row. I had come to accept this was the way of my life, with the occasional period of confinement to bed when my problem escalated and my spine couldn’t even bear my own weight.

I decided to give Michael a try and booked a session with him rather than my Osteo. I did feel like a bit of a traitor at the time and thought we’ll they’ll never know. I could always book with them for the following week anyway.

The first point at which I realised Michael really was something special, was when he started telling me about my current condition. I’d had MRI scans and seen multiple ‘specialists’ but hadn’t told Michael about any of their findings. He pin pointed everything, told me what pain I had and when it occurred and even gave me a timeline of my degeneration. It was like he was reading my notes, but ‘all’ he did was carry out a hands on examination. It was as if my T-shirt was covered in braille and he was reading me. Quite extraordinary.
Michael suggested I may need 4 to 6 treatments before I was sorted. I wanted to say Yeah Right! But I was polite and just said OK.

But here’s the main and most important point – it actually worked.

I think I had a total of four treatments in the end and that’s only because I wanted the fourth one – just to make sure. I had no lumber pain, I could twist sideways, I could bend down without thinking about how fast I was doing it or how far down I was bending. It was all a bit surreal, almost like I’d been put into a new flexible body. I asked when I needed to schedule my next session and he said you don’t need to. Just call me if you do something or you feel you need a treatment. I wasn’t used to that kind of response.

Over the following weeks and months I’ve continued to feel even better. Tripping down a step or more likely if I’m texting when walking along and not looking where I’m going, is no longer the dramatic jar of pain and cause for concern that it used to be. I can at last do things that a guy of my age should be able to do.

I’d put off writing a review for Michael for two reasons. Primarily, because I wanted to make sure it really did last and I wouldn’t start to relapse. And secondly, because I was concerned that people may think that as I helped Michael with his website, my testimonial would not be so genuine.

Well I’m happy to report that his treatments have lasted. It’s now been 6 months since he gave me my life back. My first thoughts each morning are no longer about what hurts and how I’m going to cope with the day ahead, but what I’m going to do to make the most of each day.

I have recommended Michael to so many friends, all of whom have thanked me for the introduction. It makes me feel good to know that just handing over a phone number or a link to a website will make such an amazing difference to someone else’s life.

If you are reading this and not sure if Michael’s treatment will be right for you, just call him. He’ll tell you if he can help you and if he says he can, you will be so glad you did.

Michael, thank you. You’ve made such an incredible difference to my life that these words do not do you justice. Hopefully others will be inspired to put aside any scepticism they have and embrace what you can offer them. I know it will be the best thing they’ve done for themselves in a long time.