Amazingly beneficial for me

Thought I would just drop you a message to let you know how I am getting on with the terahertz wand and so far so good, I have a spinal injury which left me paralysed from the neck down nearly 30 years ago. I get a lot of bad shoulder pain being basically the only area and my head which I can feel and on a few occasions when getting up sitting in my chair have had extremely bad pain-tightness in my neck.

Using it has really helped on a good few occasions now allowing me to get on with things rather than giving into the pain and heading back to bed.

Going back X amount of weeks ago and an hour or so after using it my mate said “that machine really helped didn’t it?” When saying “yes” he couldn’t believe the difference saying how he could see how much pain I was in previously to using it.

Last Sunday my brothers were here and I got one of them to try it on the other one’s back which it didn’t help much for, however when he asked to try it across his shoulders literally just 3-4 minutes later stood up saying it had GONE. Chatting to him the following evening still absolutely nothing no pain whatsoever and he reckoned it had been there every day since the end of November-early December (around 2.5-3 months)

I also saw a nurse one day struggling with a pain in her neck-shoulder suggesting she tried it and although reluctant at first and myself saying “it can’t do any harm” she gave it a go. Once again only for a few minutes. Before she left she said it was already feeling better and when seeing her around one week later she said it went and nothing since.

I generally don’t or more to the point can’t use anything like massages on my shoulders due to it being too painful. However this I can use as not actually touching the skin which has been amazingly beneficial for me as well as helping the above mentioned people.

Both of them and others that I’ve shown it to might be interested in purchasing one so you might be sending more terahertz wand’s  to Jersey 🙂

Thank you very much for the quick delivery and replies to my emails, much appreciated,

PS I only send such emails-testimonies if finding something extremely good-beneficial, thus the reason for the above.

Andy Pugsley