A massive difference to our lifestyle

Hello Michael,

We safely received the iTeraCare Classic on Saturday 23rd July 2022, and would firstly like to thank you very much for your help, guidance and advice.

Both my wife (Katy) and myself started using the device on Sunday Evening 24th July. I have had numerous health problems for the last 28 years that have been at times, very debilitating. My consultant advised me over 2 decades ago, that I had “failed back surgery syndrome” FBSS, and he held out very little hope that things would ever improve, in fact, he said I “will end up in a wheel chair” as a result of it.

So, back to Sunday evening, I lay down, Katy used the device for 15 minutes on my back and spine. It is a very pleasant experience feeling almost like invisible healing hands are doing their work on you. Afterwards ( within 10 minutes ) I was feeling much more alert, focused and clear minded, my Lower back which is normally constantly hurting/aching very painfully was surprisingly, feeling much better. I came down stairs had a drink of treated/charged distilled water and whilst relaxing I began to realise that the bloated/sickly feeling I have had for the last 12 months was gone !

WOW, gone. Doctors said I had lots of ulcers due to medications etc over the last 20/30 years.  On day 2 (Monday 25th July)  I had exactly the same treatment, 15 minutes on my back and spine. Again, I am feeling much better for it. Day 3 (Tue) same again, 15 minutes same area. Even though we have treated my back and nothing else, I began to realise that the pains I feel in my Rib cage 24 hours a day, it feels like I have been kicked in my ribs, a supposed referred pain from my back. That too has now gone. For the first time in over 10 years, I have been managing to get at least 6 hours sleep, sometimes more, a night. Normally I only manage 3 hours max before my back or my ribs or my neck start causing sufficient pain to wake me up.
I cannot thank you enough for recommending the iTeraCare Classic to us. It, and you have made a massive difference to our lifestyle and I am 100% sure it will continue to do so for a long time.

Kevin Sarsfield