Back and Neck Pain Treatment Harrow

As a professional Back Practitioner working from my practice close to Harrow, I can offer a full range of back treatments and diagnosis with the minimum of disruption to your daily routines.

I have been working with all forms of back pain and neck pain for over 30 years, so you know you will be in safe hands.

Micheal Moxon Mobile Back Practitioner

Great Treatment for Back Pain in Harrow

Over the years, I have studied various therapies including Osteopathy, Chiropractic Treatment, Physiotherapy, Acupressure Points, Remedial Massage and others. This has allowed me to develop my advanced treatment for back pain in Harrow using my own Unique Treatment Programme.

Back Pain Sciatica Treatment

So many people are suffering from Sciatica. Sciatic Pain occurs when the Sciatic Nerve is irritated or compressed. This pain can radiate out and be experienced in the Lower Back, Buttocks, Legs and Feet. I can visit you in your home providing sciatica treatment in Harrow.

Sports Injuries Treatment Harrow

Almost anyone experiencing a Sports Injury is generally very active and so wants to return to their previous level of fitness as soon as possible.

I provide my unique treatment programme to patients suffering with Sports Injuries in Harrow, which offers a quick and pain free recovery.

Whiplash Treatment Harrow

Whiplash Injuries occur when your head is forced to move in any direction in a fast, jerking motion. They are often the result of a road traffic accident, but can also happen through other unexpected incidents.

If left untreated, whilst the condition may appear to improve, it’s not unusual to experience other referral pain and problems. You may also find the Whiplash flares up at times, which is an indication of an unresolved problem.

I treat Whiplash Injuries in Harrow using various therapeutic techniques, to restore you to pain free mobility of your head, upper body and limbs.

Frozen Shoulder Treatment Harrow

Frozen Shoulders are often the result of a long term whiplash injury. Perhaps some treatment was administered which initially alleviated the problem, but the main underlying condition remained. I regularly treat patients with a Frozen Shoulder in Harrow and see fast results.

Trapped Nerve in Neck, Back, Shoulder, Arm and Leg

Trapped Nerves are something that around 80% of the population will suffer from at some stage in their lives. They are usually caused when a vertebra moves out of alignment at some point along the spine. If left untreated, they can develop into more serious problems.

After a consultation and evaluation of your condition, I can help to reduce your pain and make the necessary spinal adjustment to release the nerve.

Massage Therapy in Harrow

There are indeed many benefits to the use of Massage as a therapy, when practised by a skilled massage therapist like myself.

As a ‘hands on healer’, I’m able to pick up on problems like trapped or pinched nerves, subluxations and muscle spasms that go undetected by more conventional traditional equipment like MRI Scanners. This Inside Information allows me to more accurately target the treatments, leading to faster results and recovery.

Patients find Massage Therapy in Harrow relaxing, which in turn sees them responding much better to treatments for a wide range of back pain problems. The increased blood and lymph circulation carry more oxygen and nutrients to muscle cells, further accelerating the healing process.

Prolapsed Disc Treatment Harrow

A Prolapsed Disc is often the result of not treating a back problem like a bulging disc when it first showed signs of discomfort, but it’s never too late. I treat Prolapsed Disc and Herniated Disc problems in Harrow using my unique treatment programme. You will soon be pain free and restored to much better mobility.

Treatment for Headaches and Migraines in Harrow

Many of us experience headaches from time to time. Sometimes we think we know why they happen and after some rest, they go away. Yet it’s the recurring headaches and persistent Migraines that we really need to pay attention too.

These are often a direct result of hyper extended or displaced vertebrae in the Cervical (neck) C1, C2, C3. When they pinch nerves, we can experience a referral of pain that we identify as a Headache or in more severe cases, a Migraine.

I regularly treat patients that have been suffering from Headaches and Migraines for years and have only been given the option of medication as a cure. These medications only treat the symptoms and leave you vulnerable to repeated pain.

If you want to get rid of those Headaches and Migraines, call me for an appointment.

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